Monday, April 9, 2012

My Journey as a Pastelist

This blog is intended to show my journey as a pastel artist. I began using pastels again in May 2011. I briefly worked with pastels in college but set them aside to create art with Acrylic and Oil paints. In May of 2011 I discover Soft Pastel Talk  thread on I was so impressed with the site that I dusted off the pastel set that I had and began to try some of the Spotlight photo challenges that were posted. I am going to try and re-create a timeline of painting challenges from the various Spotlights since May of last year. When I looked at all my work, I realized how improved my work became.

I'm writing this blog to keep me inspired to continue creating work from these monthly challenges. I feel very fortunate to have discovered a family of artist on Wet Canvas that genuinely care what you do and are there to help me improve as an artist.

The first two paintings that I'm posting are from May 2011 Spotlight Challenge on Wet Canvas.

The next two paintings are from the June 2011 Spotlight Challenge on Wet Canvas.

This next painting is from July 2011 Spotlight Challenge.

Now we've arrived at our August 2011 Spotlight Challenge.

As a new member of the Wisconsin Pastel Society, in August of 2011, I participated in a show together with The Underwood Photography Group, to interpret a photograph. I selected a photo depicting stormy weather. This next painting was the result for that show. It was held at the One Way Cafe in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin.

September 2011 Spotlight Challenge

October 2011 Spotlight Challenge.

In addition to the October Spotlight, I also painted my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. She is a cutie and had to share her with you.

November 2011 Spotlight Challenge.

This little floral painting was also done in November. It is a Quince Flower.

December Spotlight Challenge. This month I did two paintings.

January 2012 Spotlight Challenge.

In January, I also took a portrait workshop. Sean Connery was the result of that day. I must admit, I enjoyed creating this painting. I surprised myself.

February 2012 Spotlight Challenge was a Vase of Sunflowers.

Next is March 2012 Spotlight Challenge.

I'll end today with my nephew's cat as well as another portrait that I painted.

I am excited that I started this blog. My hope is that from this time on I will be able to give you more details about the different challenges and paintings that I create.

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